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Where Children Learn to Navigate Complex Thoughts and Emotions with Simple Breathing Exercises

Embracing Neurodiversity

Our mindfulness techniques are especially beneficial for neurodiverse kids, also they will learn how to actively relax and cope with the world around them.

Compatible with Different Therapies

Helps parents and therapists to redirect unwanted behaviour.

Use it in therapy

Compatible with ABA, Occupationa, Mortor Skills and Speech Therapy

Kids from 3 to 7 years old

Including kids on the autism spectrum, or with Anxiety, ADHD and Dyslexia

Prooven to work

Helps children, parents and therapists at the same time.

A Digital Tool

For Home & for Therapy

We’re developing a mobile app with four characters that guide your children on a journey of love, compassion, and responsibility.

Become a Tester

We intend to launch our app in 2024. Do you want to help us test our mobile application in the making?

Preview of Forest Circus Animated Book

Forest Circus Cover

Pre-order Forest Circus mindfulness Book

Forest Circus comes in printed version too! Masterfully written and illustrated, this book can easily become one of your child’s favorite! Help your child learn about gaining confidence with simple breathing exercises.

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Aproved by Proffesionals



David R. Vago, Ph.D.

“Mindfulness has been proven to help promote self-awareness and self-regulation.” – Watch video here



Veronica Correa Perin, Ph.D.

“Many clients struggle with being in the present. They get stuck in thinking about the past and worrying about the future. I believe that if they were taught mindfulness techniques as children, they would have been able to better self-soothe and access feelings of well being.”



Lindsay M. M.

“As a teacher I noticed a remarkable difference in the children’s level of focus after the mindfulness exercises.”

Mindfulness leads to Focus

and Focus leads to Success

The sooner the better. We believe that kids should harness the power of aware breathing before they step into puberty. Why not try it out? It could change your child’s life.



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