Why StarKid Universe?

StarKids are kids with extraordinary gifts and both strong and loving souls from all parts of the universe.

This inspired us to create StarKid Universe where we help children navigate their inner world of emotions, sensations, feelings, imagination, and stillness.

Our Puppet Friends Teach:

Emotional Regulation

Emotional Regulation

Minna the Mouse

She teaches children how to observe and regulate their emotions, balance their mood and express themselves effectively.

Coping Skills

Coping Skills

Ory the Bunny

Let Ory to teach them how to conquer fear and stress with our relaxation techniques, which can benefit them throughout the day and night.



Tokala the Fox

Learn confidence from the best! Tokala shows kids how to be communicative, find new friends, and how to respond compassionately.

Focus & Mindset

Focus & Mindset

Lumo the Bear

Lumo demonstrates how to improve reading and learning skills, remain positive and focused, and nurture one’s talents and aspirations.

Our Mission

Making our best effort in providing meaningful educational content for children, conveying the virtues of developing inner peace and compassion.

Our Vision

We wish to see children flourish and develop their full potential and natural abilities. Mindfulness as a tool, used from an early age, can play a significant role, as it brings forward the best of us.

Our Values

We stand for high-quality products, showcasing positive role models and emitting violence. We also promote and encourage minimal screen time, in combination with promoting a responsible approach to content consumption and use of technology.

We can also Help Children Cope with


Parent Katie M. C.

“It really works! She loves the exercises and is using them before her reading sessions and she is visibly more relaxed.”


Parent Mariah N. L.

“My 8-year-old daughter was struggling with anxiety and we were looking for ways to help her cope. After seeing the story I see her calm herself down like that when she feels anxious.”


Parent Andrea H.

“I saw how my child now self-regulates their mood better which is incredible. I have a teenager at home that would now need that as well.”


Parent Xenia F.

“My son has ADHD and has always had trouble staying focused and managing his emotions. It is nice to see him engaged with the story as it has a positive calming effect.”


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