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Mindful stories with

Puppets and Breathwork

Meditation stories for kids

Meditation Stories, Games and Animated Tutorials

Empower your little ones and teach them how to:


Manage Emotions

We offer fun and interactive tools for kids to learn how to reach their full potential. It helps kids to be calm, sleep well and find inner peace.

Increase Focus

In school or in sports; awareness leads to focus, and focus leads to success. Good concentration is the basis for growing talents and inner strengths. It all comes down to right mindset at the end. 

Combat Anxiety

We all need good coping mechanism for releasing tensions. Observing your inner state helps solve problems indipendently and creatively. 


Teaching children about compassion and finding win-win solutions helps them to find friends and develop good communication skills.

Starter Kit


  • Adventure Course Activity Book
  • A ticket to the monthly Giveaway
  • Audio Meditation for Adults
  • Occasional special Discount

Meditation Story


  • The entire Starter Kit
  • Video Meditation Story (3 parts – 10 min each)


Our products

Our Credentials

Working with Children

We led workshops for more than 10 000 children in the last six years, including workshops for children with special needs.

Backed by Science

In scientific research meditation has proved to be beneficial for a number of physical and mental disorders.

Mindfulness Certificates

Our team members study mindfulness and yoga full-heartedly. We aim to explain why yoga is not just a form of exercise but a self-observation tool.