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What is the StarKit?

It is a bundle of valuable tools and information that will guide you and your children through your first meditative journey.

The most essential part of this kit is the Adventure Course, a mindfulness activity book suitable for children between ages of 3 and 8.

More about the Adventure Course

How does it work?

Adventure Course includes a coloring poster and an activity book, filled with mindfulness- based exercises and tasks. For each completed task, children get to color a certain part of the poster, allowing them to witness their progress, as they create a colorful image.

Why it’s useful?

With Adventure course your children will be encouraged to cultivate awareness in everyday activities and connect with their natural environment. Most of all it will motivate them to spent their time offline.

Have you finished?

After you finish your coloring poster, you are welcome to send us your finished product to earn an Adventure course certificate and win even more prizes.


And receive a FREE Mindfulness Video Book - "Forest Circus" 🌲

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